Filtration efficiency: new perspectives

The deep comprehension of the mechanisms for virus transport as design parameter of new filtering materials

During the medical emergency due to Covid-19, K-INN TECH has invested significant resources to contribute to the development of specific tests, able to provide preliminary and quick answers on materials and devices to be used in emergency conditions.

Exploiting the technological skills and the experience acquired in the field of multiphase systems (such as the production of aerosols and the mass transport through porous mediums) and the experimental and modeling studies of the chemical-physical phenomena concerning these systems, K-INN TECH has developed original methods to quantify the efficiency of containment devices, improving the understanding of the virus transport mechanisms.

With this expertise, K-INN TECH has validated variants to improve the test methods proposed by the standards (oriented towards bacteria), allowing to postulate suggestions for more sensitive and selective tests. This knowledge lays the foundations for the design of ever more effective individual protection devices.

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