Heterogeneous Catalysis

Lab tests on catalysts for process and environmental applications

Heterogeneous catalysis is a dominant field of application, both for process and environmental purposes. Key applications involve reduction of environmental impact of combustion (automotive, biomasses), H2 production (ammonia decomposition, steam and dry reforming, water-gas shift, partial oxidation), H2O2 direct synthesis, photo-catalysis, and carbon production/prevention/oxidation, pharma- and fine chemical synthesis steps.

We can test catalysts’ activity as powders, pellets and monoliths, in our lab-scale rigs, on different combinations of size, flow rates (<2NL/min), temperature (<1000°C) and pressure (<30 bars). Customized protocols for accelerated catalyst aging and poisoning are in use.

On-line analysis is normally provided by GC, MS, FTIR. Both tubular flow and autoclave reactors are available. Either steady-state or transient (batch, feed pulsing, shocks) experiments are carried out.

Combinations with gravimetric techniques allow for adsorption/desorption and carbon formation/oxidation studies.

We also develop custom-based testing rig for specific conditions, outside our set of set-ups.

As a part of the catalytic expertise, we also test transient adsorption/desorption processes, in equilibrium or kinetic regime.


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