Environmental catalysis

Catalytic abatement of gaseous pollutants

Environmental catalysis is one of the main techniques for an effective control of pollutants emissions in the atmosphere.
K-INN Tech has a long experience in testing and validation of the performances of materials suitable for the after-treatment of the flue gas, with compositions typical of exhaust from industrial processes and, more generally, from the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels and of biomasses. This technology represents an effective solution for less common applications, such as the control of the quality of indoor air, the reduction of volatile odorous substances, the limitation of pollutant release from domestic biomass combustors.

With our set of flow tubular reactors we measure the catalytic activity as a function of temperature (up to 1000°C), pressure (up to 15 bar) and contact time, in a wide range of heterogeneous reactions: CO oxidation, VOC/aromatics oxidation, particulate matter oxidation, NOx selective reduction, or their combinations ( TWC and FWC, see Three way catalysts ).

K-INN Tech has the knowledge for the evaluation of the catalysts that best fit in the customer applications and supports the development and the scaling-up of the related technology.

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