Process catalysis

Optimization of industrial chemical reactions

K-INN Tech has a long experience in the study of gas-solid catalytic reactions. Our investigation fields cover:
- the "common" industrial processes, i.e. the H2 production via steam and dry reforming, partial oxidation of hydrocarbons, water gas shift, in a view of process intensification;
- the most promising reactions for industrial applications, such as methanation of CO2 for biogas upgrading, ethanol reforming for H2 production, CO selective oxidation for fuel cells durability maximisation, catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons for carbon nanotubes production. Lately, we are focusing on ammonia decomposition reaction, for H2 production, to pursue the de-carbonisation objectives defined by EU.

The reactions are carried out in flow tubular reactors, operating in a wide range of temperature (< 1000°C) and pressures (< 30 bars). The high level of automation in our rigs allows for a single test duration in the order of days.

K-INN Tech supports the green chemistry principles, promoting the development of an efficient and scalable process for the direct synthesis of H2O2 through the design of catalysts and reactors that ensure high yields.

For all these reactions, we can identify experimentally the kinetics of the reactions set, the catalysts performances in fresh and aged status, the critical aspects of your process such as energy and mass transfer limitations.
During the design phase of a new reactor or the analysis of an existing one, these preliminary evaluations are an essential requirement to drive conscious decisions about the process; they are also necessary for the following experimentation on pilot and plant scale.

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