Combustion optimization

Biomasses exploitation for energy production

K-INN Tech is always looking for innovative ways to boost the performances of boilers and stoves burning pellets or wood. The objectives of a combustion optimization are the improvement of the thermal efficiency and the reduction of gaseous and fine particulate emissions.

We developed customized set-ups where the local contact between fuel and air is highly controlled: this allows a better combustion, since an optimum between temperatures, air to fuel ratio, humidity, is obtained.

We also deal with the challenges given by a more virtuous biomasses exploitation: our expertise include the oxidation of different fuels, such as manure or other unconventional fuels, that are difficult to process, e.g. due to the high humidity content. Their use in boilers can be effective only with a dedicated design, also far from the traditional one. The achievable results are doubled: a thermal recovery together with a significant lowering of costs (no need of transport and disposal in landfill).

Combustion optimization is thus essential in order to raise the efficiency of the boilers, to minimize O&M costs, to reduce the pollutant emissions, to exploit waste materials.

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