Flameless combustion technology

Smouldering is a flameless combustion that takes place on the surface of a solid fuel. Commonly, an ideal smouldering fuel consists of an aggregate medium, formed by particulates, grains, fibres forming a highly porous matrix.

The smouldering process is am innovative method for the treatment of bio-solids and liquid organic contaminants, such as tars. Smouldering is indeed an alternative disposal option and/or an environmental remediation. Energy production from the exothermic reaction such as oxidations, using high moisture content fuel (as biomasses), is one of the main advantages of smouldering, as well as the recovery of energy from condensable emissions, further feature that enhances the efficiency of this technology.

K-INN Tech investigates the smouldering phenomenon:
1) for the thermal recovery, scalable in several industrial applications
2) to make safe medium-long term storage of porous organic materials

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